Monday, January 30, 2017

Craft Activism with the Jafagirls

Watch now: The Art Show | Season 6, Episode 2 | ThinkTVNetwork Video

The Jafagirls of Yellow Springs use craft activism to raise awareness of social issues. We visit the Cohen Film Collection in Columbus, where modern technology is being used restore and preserve rare movie classics. The 442s in St. Louis fuse classical music and jazz. Watch online: Season 6, Episode 2 from The Art Show.

I was pretty nervous about doing this, and even more so watching it. They did a grand job with the editing and can't say enough kind things about the producer, Ann Rotolante, and the film crew. Doing it was such a great experience.

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Anonymous said...

Ooo, cool! Gonna try and watch it on my iphone (this old 'puter is too old to watch vids on anymore. sigh.)

But also saw the article about you all in YS in the NYTimes this morn!!! Front page! Very cool, also.

I have total faith in you guys that you'll straighten everything out and come up with a great community plan. Maybe the Times'll even come back and do a series on your process and solution. Proud of your civic maturity and guts to put it all out there and chronologize it.

xoxo T