Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Art Show and The Winter Studio Preparation

Since I've already done a post about our final filming session with The Art Show on my jafagirl blog I thought I would just share a link.

Yarnbombing for the Art Show and Salem Avenue Peace Corridor

It was a glorious day in Dayton and after our tour at the PBS station we all piled into the van and headed down to the corner of Salem Avenue and W Riverview Ave. Originally Nancy and I were only going to do one installation with the blue butterflies but we decided to do three.

Jafagirl Elves
Nancy and I have been working along with several other volunteers at the Yellow Springs Arts Council getting the Holiday Art Jumble together. If you are coming to Yellow Springs, Ohio do check it out, it's well worth it for adults and children.
We also finished the art fence, PHEW! just in time because it is now flippin' cold as eck'.
 Winter Studio 
Next on the agenda is getting my supplies in/organized, getting my lighting set up, and de-cluttering my work area.
I have two group exhibits next year and need to get going on pieces for both shows.
So NO slacking
for moi.

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