Sunday, November 06, 2016

Getting up to Art Mischief and ThinkTV Art Show

Nancy and I hung out with ThinkTV Art Show crew for 9 hours filming yesterday, which somehow will all boil down to a 6 minute segment on their January line up.
I don't envy them in the editing room eek!

The Art Show | On Air | ThinkTV

The greater Dayton area is home to a strong, vibrant and thriving arts and cultural community. The Art Show takes a look at the artists and the art scene in and around Dayton. The weekly series presents profiles and features from the worlds of music, theater, dance and art in the Miami Valley along with national arts and cultural highlights.

Well no peace for the wicked as they say and after a month in Arizona if I thought I could slack off I was dreaming, HAH! Besides gearing up for the Art Show, Nancy and I have been painting a fence next to the arts council. I have now realized after several days of painting it I ain't as young as I used to be, arg! 
art fence
 This is just a tiny portion, the fence seemed to get longer and longer as we painted. Won't bore you with my arts council activities, the list is long.

 I thought I was doomed  forever to use a magnifier or was going to have to give up embroidery. Somehow my eyes have adjusted to the new normal after one eye went slightly out of whack. I can now embroidery YAY!  So I have now started on my pieces for a Bosom Buddy exhibit that my best friend Nancy and I will be doing next year. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the beginning of this year and went through treatment and I am now in remission. The exhibit will include some of my drawings and photographs as I went through treatment. This one is a WIP called "moon rabbit" based on an ipad drawing.
mixed media hand embroidery
acrylic, embroidery floss, bead findings on cotton

I thought of the folklore "moon rabbit" and the medicine of the moon wishing the moon rabbit would pound it's elixir of life into me as I struggled with cancer.  Even in remission cancer lurks deep in the forest and we may be at the edge or just outside of it, but we always have to watch that forest. 

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