Thursday, October 27, 2016

Street Art and Graffiti in Bisbee Arizona

Whenever I travel I always want to explore beyond the typical tourist attractions and find the core of a place, it's heart. While so many towns and cities have cracked down on allowing free libraries, Bisbee is obviously NOT following suit, and thank goodness. 
It speaks of a living town, a community, a place that cares about sharing and has a lot of art and spirit. You can tell when a town really supports art when it's everywhere from murals, street art and graffiti. 
On a side street we found some graffiti that screamed colour and life and a place for locals to express themselves. What really spoke of Bisbee's humanity was the table behind this doorway. 
There was a long bench filled with clothes and items for free and I had to smile as we have the same thing in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

Discover Bisbee Arizona

Bisbee is a free-spirited place with a thriving arts/music/hospitality scene, amid a remarkably well-preserved historical architectural setting.

dancing skeleton graffiti

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