Sunday, October 16, 2016

Finding Chairs in Your Trees One Day

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My husband didn't notice them when he left for work one morning, but apparently someone in the middle of the night decided to put chairs in our front yard trees, carefully wedged or hung on the upper branches.
Instagram Screencapture
"what the heck is this" my husband ponders and then calls the non emergency number of our local YSPD. "Hello officer, err, there are chairs in my trees". NICE chairs too and I wonder if anyone is missing some dining room chairs ;)
 Anyhoo I can't wait to see how 
this is written up in the police blotter.
Some local friends who drove by just thought it was some odd new installation I was working on hah! and didn't bat an eye. I don't think I can shock people if I tried around here. Someone took photos and posted on instagram and said "wtf, why would anyone put chairs in trees". 
I have NO CLUE but ya know

Recycled chairs find a place in the trees

If you love trees and old chairs, then this one's for you.

Whatever the reason, be it a prank, an attempt at an installation or an artist ode, thanks for the laugh. Dare I say that the next day we waited in anticipation to see if somehow a side table or coffee table showed up hanging from the branches. lol.  

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Anonymous said...

HaHa...too early to be a Halloween 'trick,' so must be in homage to Shields.
But what fun. And WAY better than having those trees t.p.d!

I think you have some fun and squirrelly art buds!

xoxo T

P.S. I LOVE treehugger. It's right up there with I'mRevolting (and its link list), ArtPropelled, MondoBlogo and HandEyeMagazine for my daily 'yum.'

Thanks for sharing!