Thursday, August 04, 2016

A Fairy Stone from England

fairy stone
One of the gifts I got from Chris and Karen for looking after their darling dog Betty was a Fairy Stone. They found it on a beach in the southeast coast and saved it just for me and I am chuffed as mintballs about it. 

The Legend of the Holey Stone

Holey stones are known by a variety of names; Holed stone, Odin Stone, Crick Stone, Hag Stone, Fairy Stone and Witches Amulet. A holed stone, or holey stone, is any rock with a weathered/eroded hole in it which has been created by nature alone.

Definitely not going to be painting or decorating this stone, it will be left as it was found and hung with a black ribbon in the house. Here is a link to the history of adder stone's also called hag stones and a variety of other names. 
Thanks Karen and Chris

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