Sunday, July 03, 2016

Spinning a Good Yarn in the Studio

No fanciful tales or stories here, no dear readers the truth is I am actually SPINNING yarn onto sticks with an ingenious transportable thingymajig my husband concocted with bits and bobs in the garage.
He saw long it was taking me to wrap yarn around bamboo sticks and thought this yarntwister thingymajig would be easier on my hands AND faster. Takes two people to use it, but it's wonderful and I am thinking I would 
love to do a large installation now that I have a fast and easy way to do them.
Another way to wrap sticks 
A dear friend picked up a wonderful vintage embroidery from a garage sale and thought I would like it. So I wrapped a Harry Lauder branch with variegated yarn to hang the embroidery up with.  Alas the Yarntwisting 
thingmajig doesn't work for twisty branches. Isn't too hard doing small twisty branches by hand though.
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