Sunday, May 15, 2016

Plein Air Painting at Glass Farm in Yellow Springs, Ohio

I was going to say this is the first time I have gone Plein Air Painting, but actually the first time was in Annapolis, Maryland many many moons ago and it was a comical exercise. While my pal George, fag hanging from his lips, painted happily dipping an old sock into his paints and rubbing paint over wood panels and creating masterpieces I was fighting off a pesky dog, wind and bugs.  Either the wind knocked over my easel, bugs or leaves got stuck in my paint and this dog decided I MUST pet it constantly or else it would whine, bark or knock my legs. After 2 hours I gave up with nothing to show for it.
Fast Forward to May 2016

 and Christine Klinger invites me to try Plein Air once again at Glass Farm. No dogs and no wind this time :)  Just us and the sunshine and the pond critters. It was a lot of fun BUT I'm going to rethink supplies and locations before I do it again. Even with a big hat on, without shade I was beginning to suffer after an hour and during radiation treatment being out too long in the sun is not a good idea. 

A small shopping cart to lug the easel
French easel is flipping HEAVYA brolly with clasp for shade
sheesh I just checked the price and YIKES expensive
A small seat or stool
Water Mixable Oil Paints

Landscape painting is not my forte and so it was definitely out of my comfort zone, but that is part of the reason I did it. I am not displeased with the effort.

Review of different types of umbrellas for Plein Air Painting 

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Springs Studio said...

I just caught this post, CB. Thanks for the picture; looks like you got my good side. I would like to do this again, if you're up to it. I have seen folks put their gear on rolling carts like at the airport, that could work. Shade is another challenge I haven't solved yet. We have a big beach umbrella that might work for both of us, but it's rather unwieldy. We'd have to put it on an extension rod somehow.

I like your little painting, and I like mine too, now. I'm ready to do it again when the weather breaks.