Friday, May 20, 2016

Palm Trees in the Midwest

One of the things I am finding I need to do after Radiation Treatment in order NOT to cave in to fatigue, although at this point it isn't really too bad, is get out of the house. Not hard to do since I love walking and taking photographs. My curry pal, KAOS Queen aka Karen Jane Russell, and I went thrifting after my treatment and I don't know why but the juxtaposition of thrift store cart and an exotic looking enticement to the bar/restaurant next door struck me.
 The thought of sipping a rum punch with midwest traffic whizzing by under grey skies, and runaway shopping carts  nearby isn't quite the same as a sunny beach and the heady beat of reggae beckoning your body and soul.  


Margaret Roberts said...

hope you recover really soon Corrine.

jafabrit b said...

Thank you Margaret ♥