Monday, May 23, 2016

Bead Mosaic using Epoxy Putty Resin

On one of my daily radiation days my friend Karen came along and brought a magazine to read while waiting for me. The plan after treatment was to go thrifting and then a curry BUT there was something in the magazine that just got us drooling with excitement and a new trip was added to the list, a craft store. Alas the craft store didn't have anything like epoxy putty so I had to order it online. It also determined what the theme of my daily stone was going to be, something beaded. 
painted stones
The stone I had picked up had a dent and a crack that looked like a serpent so I just winged it. In other words I didn't use a pattern or any kind of reference. I just mixed the putty and started adding whatever I had in my craft/junk box. My advice is only mix really small batches at a time. Your work
epoxy putty resin
time is limited to a window of time before the epoxy sets. Mix too much and you have to rush to use it all. I think next time I make a mosaic I will follow the advice in the tutorial that you can find at Cloth-Paper Scissors  . This putty comes in quite a few colours and I chose black and I LOVE it. I have been looking for something like this for years and it really does make it easier to attach things than glues. So thank you Cloth Paper and to Katherine England, whose name we loved of course since Karen and I are from England, for the inspiration.

Spheres & Sculpture



Margaret Roberts said...

I love these. You are very lucky to have a like minded friend!

Still Waters Studio said...

You should be able to find epoxy putty at your local hardware store or building supply.
Thanks for the inspiration!