Wednesday, March 23, 2016

studio updates: yarnbombing, embroidered butterfly, library residency and BOG ART

I had this weird notion that since the gallery that represented me had closed I would be slowing down in 2016
Oh my did I get that wrong, lol!

Yarnbombing or boob bombing ;)
Things are progressing slowly on the Breast Cancer Support Yarnbombing Project due to health distractions,weather and other commitments, but Nancy and I did get the second tree done.

"love lies bleeding"
My embroidery butterfly "love lies bleeding" is now in Maryland for the Finding My Own Voice exhibit. Wish I could attend the reception and some of the talks, and of course see the work. Honored to be included in this exhibit and much thanks to the hard work of Judith Olivia Heartsong.

It is said the eyes are the windows to the soul, but people can't see when your soul is bleeding, when the soul has been murdered, and your heart has be slashed with a thousand cuts. 

Library Residency in Dayton 
Nancy and I are honored to be invited to do a 6 week artist residency in a new library opening in April. Our residency will be in August and will involve installations as well as working on a community project. EXCITED!

ongoing project
Banner Drawing by jafabrit and text art by nancy
I don't know whose idea this was, but Talitha Greene was the driving force behind the idea that the jafagirls do mini art exhibits in local public loos in Yellow Springs, Ohio. I've been having fun printing out a few of my ipad drawings and enhancing them with a bit hand embroidery.

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