Sunday, March 06, 2016

Photo Rights: Hey, you can't take a picture of this wall!

Last Sunday I was recovering from Surgery, and this Sunday I had some bloke telling me I couldn't take a photograph of a wall with graffiti on it in Columbus, Ohio. Oh the joy of just not giving a rat's backside, and enjoying the day, even when someone is being a bit of a you know what. That's what a brush with C does to you, although I never really was one to sweat the small stuff to start with. 
I just did that brit thing, ya know!

and politely did not engage

clickety click
clickety click

street photography, columbus graffiti
If you know the graffiti artist/s please let me know so I can tag the photo accordingly.  Cheers.

Street Photography and the Law 

Understanding Graffiti and Copyright 

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