Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Skull or Skellie a Day for October

Not talking about the wonderful Skull-A-Day.
No, I'm talking about posting a skull or skeleton pic everyday on Instagram for the month of October.
Here is my kick off pic
halloween skeleton pic
Mostly featuring my wooden skeleton in the closet, esqualita, or Esmerelda as my friend Sandi calls her.  
If you are interested in how I did this, I used my iphone, but since I use several apps to tweak the image I can't tell you exactly. It's kind of intuitive and individual process for each one. The paint effect however was achieved with SuperPhoto app. 

Meanwhile in October
Gearing up for a show at IN A FRAME 
 featuring my embroidery butterflies.
a small interactive exhibit at the Springfield Museum of Art
will be posting into about that on the jafagirl blog.
I think one of my pics is included in a new book? More about that later.


Mark Daniels said...

Went through Yellow Springs the other night with my wife and thought of looking you up. But we really needed to get back to Dayton, where we're living now. Hope all is well. Love the butterflies! God bless!

JafaBrit's Art said...

Hiay Mark, wow, it's been a while. Everything doing great this end. glad you like the butterflies :)
Hope all is well your end too.