Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Skeleton is OUT of the cupboard

Mr. Husband bought me this cool wooden skeleton quite a few years ago, which I  named Esqaulita. She gets to be photographed in a variety of poses, hanging around town, sitting in my car as a maid, hosting a party for a traveling bra and this one being the most notoriousHow she ended up on this site with  a new file name is a mystery?  How dare she get out of jafabrit's cupboard and roam around the internet.

she ain't yer grandpa
Don't ya know, using her is PROHIBITED
Yes, it's a COPYRIGHT image to me, that means you can't just grab and use it. NOPE! 
Oh no you don't try and pull the "fair use" story.
I earn income from my work, so when you take my images you are stealing income opportunities from me.
Very poopy thing to do 
 earns you a Poo Award.

Just ask if you want to use my work. 

The real story behind the photograph which I posted back in 2008.

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