Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Gunshots Throughout the Night

I was going to bed and I thought I was hearing firecrackers at first, but then I realized it was gunfire and then a night of horror for our community ensued.
The gunfire lasts off and on for several hours, sirens, manhunt, dogs,loose gunman and we are terrorized. We listen to the police scanner, have to lock doors, windows.
Listening to the police scanner. 
Then he is trapped and we find out who it is and we fear this will end badly. Hours of gunfire on the street behind our house and loudspeakers crackling with pleas by negotiators.

YS NEWS Shootout Ends in Death
Video Link

TONIGHT..MILLS LAWN SCHOOL..9PM!!!! come light a candle and say a prayer for Paul and his family.


Anonymous said...

Shocked and saddened...terrible.

Condolences and healing to everyone there in YS who was affected.


Found art blog said...

crikey.... my thoughts with you guys.