Thursday, July 25, 2013

A little Bird told me

 that little miss thieving pants blogger has a big sign on her blog that says protected by copyscape DO NOT COPY
so does that mean I can't copy BACK my photograph wink! wink! 
Some people are so eager to steal they don't notice the image or the text

like this person on DisneyPinForum who entered it in some competition claiming it is a watercolour of herself.
here they just cropped off my name and used it for their video
and also available on this free online service except HELLO, my embroidery image is NOT free
on a Family Violence Brochure put out by a women's center, which given my history really hit's a raw nerve. Absolutely NO RESPECT.

Absolutely no respect!

I've been seriously wavering as to whether I should keep blogging or just shut my blog down after 7 years.  

Just this morning on bing search I found  many of my spin art paintings indexed with source links to spam sites. When clicking onto the source one or two opened other windows to porn sites.  Each image on bing has a pin button on it, so for those pinners who don't care about the source they may be pinning porn/spam links onto pinterest.

Excellent article by Tara Bradford titled How Image Sharing Sites are Undermining Photography with and extensive list including the many scraper spam sites. And let me add trying to get Bing to remove your hotlinked images to spam sites is hopeless. 

A few words from Creators Against Pinterest 
and sadly like Tara I had to delete almost 6 years of blog entries until I can republish with small res images.

 I have talked about how easy it is for our images to become Orphan Works so the article by film maker/photographer Edmond Terakopian 
Orphan Works Act hurts photographers
is especially relevant and emphasizes the importance of watermarking your images

 I hear the argument, if you don't want your images stolen then don't post images online. 
Artists/photographers, galleries, and Designers need to have online portfolios.
 Why not use the argument, "thou shalt not steal" or  "how can we fix this so we don't end up losing creators online and end up with more of this
and more commercial or spam image links.

Stealing images for memes is a major problem for creators but proves to be BIG business for directing traffic to commercial websites.


Anonymous said...

CB...thanks for ALL of this!
You're just like the Plain Dealer...'miss a day, miss a lot!' :-)

Anyway, PLEEEEEZE don't quit bloggin. I know it's a hassle n you've gotten a bunch of your stuff 'jacked' n we really couldn't blame you for wanting to throw in the towel on the whole mess but I JUST LOVE COMING TO YOUR SITE.

You're so unique! Your blog is like no other, grrrl. I mean, I just never know what you're going to share with us, and I really appreciate all the info on the legal stuff as well what you're exploring artistically.
(And you're the FIRST place I heard of the 'Free Art Movement.')
You're just so open and honest about everything...super 'real.'
You don't pinch other people's ideas, and you remind us of the value of 'brain work.' That's important.

Sorry if I've run on. Have a fab weekend!


JafaBrit's Art said...

oh blush! thanks Treen, there are so many special people who seem to enjoy my blog like you, so I am hanging in there.

Really appreciate your comment ♥