Gallery uses ripped off photograph to sell as School Picture Background

I found my image online  and contacted them immediately. They sent me a link to a where they got my image. Unfortunately they bought a  CD from a company that has my image on one of their products. As professionals in the photography business I am hoping the gallery understands my anger at having my work exploited.They immediately removed my photograph from their slide show.

Here is the original version

If you need help in dealing with image theft check out this website called Picture Defense.

Meanwhile one company Radio Station Hot 89.9 gets really nasty with photographer Barbara Ann Studios. Story on PetaPixel

Hall of Shame Photo Stealers

The Ugly Side of Photography -When other photographers steal your images - article by Marmalade Photography

Oh the IRONY!  Print Designer claims copyright on her print images, BUT she makes art off images she found online ahem! 
story on A Photo Editor


Sheree Rensel said…
Did you contact them? If so, what did they say???
jafabrit said…
yes I did, and asked them to remove it, but I haven't gotten a response.
Prince winning the appeal over the Cariou photographs probably doesn't help you....
jafabrit said…
Sad to say Michelle, although the commercial exploitation of photographers work is a different kettle of fish.

Well how low can you get? I've also had photos ripped off from Flickr and used on archery sites. One of the people responded with "I have cancer and don't have the energy to remove it." Well, he had energy to upload it in the first place. Lame.

Hope you get control of your art back.
jafabrit said…
Oh the sympathy card eh Fayme, yes LAME grrrrrrrrr.
Klinger Studios said…
Sue them.
Anonymous said…

The downside to the 'Net, for sure.

You know, this is something that we (collective 'we') really need to have a discussion on.
I remember HH having multiple discussions with #2 on downloading 'free' music a number of years back. How you, as an person, put time-effort-talent into creating a .. (whatever) and how rude and unethical it was for someone to swipe it. At the very least, they should have requested permission to use your image and asked if you'd allow them-with proper royalty/ies-to post it.
There's a site (cr*p, can't remember the name off the top of my head) for 'outing' people who do this. I'll try to track it down and email the link to you.

Anyway, good catch and THOSE PEOPLE SUCK.
Need to find a righteous hacker to mess up their website!

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