Friday, May 24, 2013

Copyright Infringement: Valentines at The Square Club

I just discovered another place using my heart painting. You would think this company would know better, huh, being a major corporation, and owning several hotels including an ART HOTEL called Berkley Square! but there ya go again, without asking me, without crediting me, or paying me, my heart image, you know this one
was used to promote an event by Clifton Quarters on their news page.
Do ANY of these companies train their staff, have any RESPECT for copyright, oh wait, they do, THEIRS!
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I left a message on their website contact page several days ago and haven't heard anything,  and sent an email today. What are the odds I will be told, either,it was an intern, or an ex employee, or well it was online and we found it on google images and didn't know it was copyright.

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