Sunday, May 19, 2013

Copyright Infringement: The Forum Company South Africa

 I just got an email and they said they were not aware it had copyright because they got it off google images.

Just because images are available for view on the internet does not mean it is free to download and use. Image search engines state that all images may be subject to copyright.
"Copyright attaches as soon as an original work is created, and applies to published and unpublished works."

They state on their website :
"the forum company signature: a blend of fine art, style, heritage and architectural features that make them uniquely South African.
We pride ourselves on being able to deliver every project with our hallmark professionalism and attention to detail."

Fine art like MINE? 
heart art by c. bayrak used without permission on the forum company website
 Except I didn't get paid for it, nobody asked me if it was okay to use, but there it is on their company website being used to promote their event last year.

Now this isn't a little company, it is huge and is listed as one of the top companies in 

So I guess it's not like they couldn't afford to pay me? 
You going to do the right thing?
I sent you an email a few days ago.
Sent you a fb message today.
You going to PAY me.


Jean said...

this is completely infuriating!

Debrina said...

How'd you find out about this, Jaffa? I need to do the same. It makes me really sick to think that a-holes like this are doing this to us artists.