Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Craft Felt Magic

It's amazing what one can do with a little craft felt.  The colours make this POP, don't you think?  Nancy and I drew out designs in red and were trying for the damask baroque wallpaper look. This is  55"x 26" panel for a larger project that I am doing with Jafapal Nancy.  Using gel medium to glue the red pieces on would have worked, but since gel medium now costs an arm and a leg and this was a large piece we took turns stitching every blasted red piece down, PHEW! Worth it though.
Also been working on decorating a lamp, which was tricky since  everything has to be removable and lamps restored to original condition. Now that was a challenge. I hope next week I can share more information & where they will be displayed. 
Got this lovely award from ARTBASH, a children's art club blog, Thank You :) and yes please do pass the custard creams.

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Anonymous said...

(Congrats on the award)

HOLY CRUD...that damask is beautiful but I think I'd be BLIND if I had to stitch all that down by hand. Whoosh!

BTW, your little bird is beautiful; he (and the bead string in the Art Park) kind of reminded me of Thomas Mann's jewelry. I JUST watched this episode ('Messages,' online) last night. I think he's the third or fourth but the whole episode's great. I LOVE that series! Here's a link:

Oh, and glad to see Mr. Plato's out n about...
Thanks for the summer funshine!
XOXOX Treena