Friday, July 02, 2010

stencil graffiti

I thought I would just whip up a stencil in an hour. Yea, right. Three hours later I was still working out the kinks. So here it is, an original stencil by Jafabrit.

Test One in Keiths Alley

and I realized that I had to refine it a bit more, as well as make it larger.


 Stencil Artists
Blek le Rat  Interview and Website

Having struggled with such a simple flower stencil my mind boggles looking at some of the one's Rat, Banksy and others have done.


Cynthia said...

Nice! Love the video...and technique.

Damien Franco said...

I'm pretty often amazed by some of the works done by today's contemporary graffiti artists.

Nice work BTW!

JafaBrit's Art said...

Thanks Cyn, Damien :) Sadly many still associate graffiti with gang tagging and haven't really seen in the real or online some of the amazing work out there.

Miss Melicious said...

pretty cool stuff. Amazing what can be created with a little time and patience.