Head Spinning in the Local Loo

and it happened. I wanted to do something, besides using it that is LOL! I asked the owner of the cafe, "I have an idea,want to hear?". So we have a natter in the netty.
My pathetic attempt to implement my idea led to dear husband making me this spin art machine with spare scraps and the drill.
 which then led to this
pink flower spin painting

and when I have about 8 done, they will hang in said loo courtesy of the Jafagirls.
Pics coming as soon as they're installed.

Spin Painting
I saw a website selling spin art on  canvas and it was a whopping $4,000. Phew!

This is by Damien Hirst, and probably costs and arm and a leg.


I was just blogging about Kentridge and this reminded me of one clip of his; putting ink in a bowl and taking an egg beater to it, spinning the ink over the page.
shana goetsch said…
cool idea! and i have a thing for circles.
jafabrit said…
Bill, I am so jealous you got to see the newest Kentridge exhibit. I have seen it once several years ago and it blew my mind, it was brilliant.
The ink technique sounds intriguing.

Hiay shana, I know lol. Wasn't I supposed to send you something, arg! smack me, I have been a bad girl.
Fantastic. I might try the ink thing when home alone-
Art said…
What a title for a post! Looks fun...but yes...if Hirst does it it automatically becomes worth a mil.
andrea said…
I *really* need a schtick. A big one that I can beat Damien Hirst with.

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