Sketchbook: Face of Abuse

face of abuse sketchbook
I made the decision to not do any solo shows for a few years so that I can concentrate on exploring various themes and ideas. This is one of those explorations that doesn't really have to evolve into anything. That is the beauty of a sketchbook, a place to play, explore, experiment or just practice drawing or painting.

Office for Victims of Crime
Adult Survivors of Child Abuse

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking or assume that because an artist does a piece of art that relates to abuse that somehow it is as a form of art therapy or to help resolve an issue. No! No! and No! The truth is, for me at least, is that because it is resolved I can be objective and approach how I want to state something about an issue I happen to know about.
So the drawing is of a child (me) who isn't aware of what is to come, full of innocence and about to go to a party.

I talked of yin and yang in my last post.
When I am happy I do art that is dark, when I am down in the dumps I do art that is happy.
Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference, lol!
But then life is like that isn't it?
Full of grey areas.

Some days my thoughts are just cocoons-
all cold, and dull, and blind,
They hang from dripping branches in the grey
woods of my mind;

And other days they drift and shine -such free
and flying things!
I find the gold-dust in my hair, left by their
brushed wings.
Karle Wilson Baker


Spoz said…
Love your art, simply amazing. Hope you dont mind that I'm adding you to my blogrolls.
Spoz said…
By the way - Are you really a geordie?
jafabrit said…
Thanks Spoz, and no I don't mind about the blog roll at all. As for being a Geordie,why eye man, was born and raised in the Northeast of England. All my family are from Tyne and Wear or Co. Durham area. why?
Spoz said…
I'm a fellow geordie haha, just curious is all, you dont really see many other geordie blogs (at least I dont.)
jafabrit said…
why hinnie, it is rare indeed to meet a fellow Geordie online (well mr zip aka harry bell who resides in Gateshead) or in real life for that matter(I met two in the 30 years I have lived in the usa).

What a riot of Geordie speak occurred when I bumped into each of them. Just to hear and to be able to speak it was a joy lol!
Spoz said…
Haha thats great! Did people find it difficult to understand you when you went over there? I have enough difficulty getting through to people further than Manchester!
Lana Gramlich said…
I think anyone with that creative bent has the same assumptions about their work being "representative" of some kind of inner demons, or some kind of therapy. My husband (a writer,) gets that all the time, too. I had a friend recently send me a bit of a gushy e-mail to that effect...that my art (one painting, in particular,) allowed her a glimpse into my mind, my soul, etc., etc., etc. Not to disappoint, I responded in kind agreement. What I wanted to say, though, was; "That thing? Actually I was just trying to spit something (of dubious quality) out quickly & it didn't even turn as I'd hoped." Her feelings are hurt easily, however, so kind agreement it was. <:\
jafabrit said…
Spoz,I never spoke broad Geordie but it was strong enough that people here had a hard time so I had to soften it. Sometimes though I just think of home, or me mam and wham I slip into Geordie. Of course when somebody tries to be snotty with me I somehow slip into the school marm queens english lol! My accents are as ecclectic as my art, depends what mood I am in. Bad mood tends to bring out the cockney (lived in london 7 years) and slight inebriation brings out the texan (lived in Dallas 11 long years). It is not purposeful but rather unconscious thing and can be a bit discombobulating at times.

I here you lana lol! I so hear you.
Anonymous said…
What a talented lady you are! It must be incredible to be able to produce works that evoke such a range of emotions--from colorful and fun to the more sensitive and introspective. I'll be dropping by often to see your latest.
Undaunted said…
A very interesting post. I've often thought about painting about dark subjects such as abuse, and yet I have never been a victim of abuse, so I wonder what viewers would make of that? Sometimes it's just about making a statement about an issue you feel strongly about, whether you have been personally affected by that issue or not.
jafabrit said…
undaunted, I feel you paint what is in your heart or what moves you. So I totally agree with you.

Thanks for dropping by feisty :)
Unknown said…
There is lots of good work on your blog unlike in the Tate Britain at the moment. We just had to comment:
Unknown said…
I feel the same way.

Thanks so much for sharing this.

Take care,


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