Heart Paintings and New Links

Every now and again I need a colour fix. So while my oil paintings are drying I like to do my acrylic heart paintings. I use mdf board that has been primed, and then I just let loose with the colours, a little glitter, and sometimes a little collage. Once dry I will cover with a clear resin coat.
Talking about colour, I got some lovely postcards from the ultimate colourist Casey Klahn (one in photograph below) Thanks for sending the cards, I want you to know I am enjoying them in my studio. I also saw this fabulous link on his blog for NewArtTv.
My new Link is WebUrbanist, which has oodles of info on urban design, culture, travel, architecture and alternative art.

Book Watch
Stuffed shark,mega-bucks and trophy art is the Times headline for a review of a book that sounds interesting. It's called the The $12 Million Stuffed Shark.

Thanks for sending me the you make my day award colette :)


harry bell said…
I love the hearts - echoes of Jasper Johns. Oh, and thanks for the link to NewArtTV - the Wolf Kahn interview was fascinating.
Normally, I don't like hearts, but I LOVE yours! :D
Cynthia said…
I like your color fix too, Jafabrit!

I think I'm going to have to fulfill a painting fix soon. I'm coming back later to delve into art tv.
Heather said…
Thanks for the links how cool is that?! I love the hearts...I don't "do" hearts either, but yours are not your grandmother's hearts. Bravo!
Emm said…
Hearts in my favorite color- what could be better than that? Looks like you live in AZ with lots of sunshine!

Thanks for the link to NewArtTV.
Philip said…
You are all heart!
Thorngren said…
You should go to www.cafepress.com
and make some products with those hearts. Super cool!
You are very talented!
andrea said…
Grrr -- how can I simplify my online life, let alone the rest of it, if you keep posting these fantastic links!? I'm such a web whore.

Love the hearts -- they are very refreshing and a real departure from your darker pieces (which are so inspiring, but different). I would love to see you document your process, if it doesn't take away from the spontanaeity that is.
shea holliman said…
I like your hearts. The blue is bliss.
Colette Amelia said…
The hearts are a pick me upper! What is it about the dead of winter? Or is it the after holidays get back to reality blues? Your blues are definitely wonderful!
Lynette said…
I love those hearts, they're beootiful!!!
L.M.Noonan said…
Great subversive minds think alike Jafabrit, I visited that site a couple of days ago and was immeadiately inspired to do some shopdropping myself. I don't know how I stand legally as the US laws are quite different from Commonwealth ones.David a bit of a goody two shoes but perhaps i can start the OzJafa chapter and start dropping art, words and music into local repositories of wisdom and geegaws?
Terri said…
Those heart paintings are just gorgeous! Love the vivid color.
God bless.
Anonymous said…
Following links is great fun. I`ve found some lovely hearts. They lift my spirit.
Lynda Lehmann said…
Beautiful hearts and an interesting page! I'm adding your link to Peripheral Vision!
Casey Klahn said…
Good stuff. Thanks.
Janvangogh said…
The 12 million stuffed shark book sounds really interesting from that article.

Love the hearts.
Margot Potter said…
Oh I love these fun happy colorful hearts. Fun! Happy! Colorful!

That's my incredibly insightful comment for today.

jafabrit said…
Ah, jasper johns, yes mr. zip, love his work and howard hodgkin (saw his prints at the Shipley in Gatehead).

thanks lone beader, that is cool considering you don't normally like them.

cynthia I hope you show your colour fix :)

hmbt, I am glad you like the links, and hearts. I love Jim Dine's hearts (have you seen them?)

I LOVE seeing your work with that colour emm, one of my absolute fave colours.

philip, next month you will be able to say all heart. The jafagirls are going to do a mass found art day with guess what, Hearts LOL!

Thorngren, I am going to seriously consider the cafe press thing (even though I said I screw marketing LOL!)

what YOU a web whore andrea LOL! I was pondering how I would be such a rugby slut after seeing the All Blacks do the Haka. Thank goodness I am old and married and can't go running off to New Zealand, hee! hee!

I think it's the weather colette and I needed to play in between my more serious projects.

hey there american genius (love the name) glad you and lynette are liking my hearts.

I have to say loretta I found the shopdropping very intiguing. A jafa chapter, now that would totally ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks for dropping by terri, john, it is fun what you find on the internet, and in a way this is another version of my "found art' huh!

Well the tv link is thanks to you casey, very cool link.

thanks lynda, my blog page is like my life, rather ecclectic, glad you visited :)

When I have a chance I am going to get the book Jan, glad you and Margot liked the hearts. I have a gazillion more lol! I think I am going to be sick of them by the time I have finished all 12.
Unknown said…
Groovy hearts! I'm in a "heart" mindset, currently. Can I steal yours and add them to my rotating "hearts" wallpapers? (That's PC wallpaper -- not living room stuff. Though that would be pretty nifty!))
San said…
Luscious bleeding hearts, J. Love the way they bleed into their surroundings so exuberantly.
Anonymous said…
It's the heart paintings that I was referring to in the post above. I just love them!

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