Saturday, June 11, 2011

International Yarnbombing Day: Inspiring Children Around the World

There are many people who claim yarnbombing is a waste of time, waste of yarn, trite, not real art, and serves no purpose, yadda! yadda! yadda! Okay but what about it's IMPACT and I don't mean the unsubstanstantiated claims it harms trees(To date there is no evidence of this, however there is evidence that burning oil to generate electricity damages some trees, along with fertilizers,pestisides and salty compounds)or insects or creates bad smells. Our jafagirl Knit Knot Tree inspired a  poetry contesta couple to tie the not under it, and a couple to move to town because of it. When we took the knitting off the tree some of its parts were recycled for the Storybox Project  that traveled around the world for 2 years before becoming part of the permanent collection at the State University  Multicultural Center.    Yarnbombing became the inspiration for a children's book by the Prize Winning author Francine Oomen.

  and an Art project that aims to Bridge the Divide between Old and Young

Children at Aldama School In California write a thank you note and say "you guys know how to brighten up smiles"
Meanwhile in Yellow Springs, Ohio

One of our youngest residents,Bianca, joined in the community fun. To see more pics visit our flickr page here.
Here is one my pieces I call, fiesta doll.

 HOW TO YARNBOMB by the Twilight Taggers 


CrochetBlogger said...

Really glad that you shared the creative and community benefits of yarnbombing as an alternative perspective to those who are opposed to it.

JafaBrit's Art said...

thanks CrochetBlogger :)