Saturday, August 22, 2009

Radical Craft, Recycling & Drawing Skills

Made a little sample piece for the Radical Craft show coming up using scraps of yarn and a doll I picked up at a garage sale. Nancy and I are trying to get Mr.Plato finished, arg! nearly! nearly!
So many things coming from different directions.

Meanwhile Learning to Improve Drawing Skills

4 minute study with non dominant hand

""When you put your pencil in your left hand, it could be that it makes the connection more directly to that part of the brain responsible for physical coordination and spatial perception," Witta-Kemph said. From Article: Left Hand Drawing Improves Skills

I do find that drawing with the left keeps me loose and my focus is different. I am not thinking about how to capture the figure and the proportions but draw what I'm seeing.

On Suite 101 they describe it as "The brain consists of two hemispheres. Each sees the world in a different way. The left hemisphere views things in their parts, it is logical, analytical, assigns labels to things and endeavours to make sense of the world. The right hemisphere sees holistically, is illogical and sees things as they really are."


Lady P said...

i would be proud to call that drawing mine with ANY hand -
in the meantime, i am extremely fond of your warrior fiber barbie bit!

Leanne Pizio said...

Love the drawing! I am trying to learn to carve with my left hand to give my right a break...I am developing arthritis....

JafaBrit's Art said...

I like that Lady P, a warrior barbie, hum,kinds of fits doesn't it with women taking crafts out of the domestic realm.

Leanne, ugh! sorry to hear that, what a drag. how is the carving coming along with the left? Wonder if it has the same effect as drawing in skill building?

Anonymous said...

Going nuts here!
The bondage barbie on the knit - two of my favorite things...I have a box of barbies somewhere.

Bill Evertson said...

A Japanese friend tells the story of wanting to apprentice to a well known woodblock carver but the man wouldn't take him because he was left handed. He spent a year writing and drawing with his right hand to change his hand dominance.

Philip said...

Wonder what would happen if you switched between the two?