Thursday, July 30, 2009

Raining Cats, Dogs AND Elephants

So it's a bit difficult to indulge flaneur-ly ways. Walking on the treadmill and watching a Palin documentary doesn't exactly cut it (although it's exercise and that is a GOOD thing and Palin's documentaries are brilliant).

It Raining Cats & Dogs
By the way here is the explanation from phrases org of the origin of the phrase and an analytical debunking of other claimed origins.

So Wot's Up in Studio Jafabrit
Apart from the continuation of my embroidery series
Drawing with thread, based on a left handed drawing in my sketchbook

a lot of pondering
Not to be underestimated
which is not to say I sit on my arse all day
no tennis bottom due to repetive sitting thank you very much
getting tennis elbow was bad enough.

Meanwhile at Nancy's Mr.Plato Gets It

Felted that is lol!
We worked on him 2 hours yesterday and each of us got a tiny portion done. Gluing on bits of felt in a mosaic style is rather more time consuming than we expected, but it's fun to work on him together. Hopefully he will make his debut at the Radical Craft Show Nancy and I are curating for the Yellow Springs Arts Council.

Well off to Maharaja's for lunch today
Curry Here I Come
woo hoo


tera said...

I love the idea of a Radical Craft show! How fun!
I love your embroidery stuff. I know what you mean about people saying your stuff is "wierd wonderfl" and cool but not selling any. Maybe we're too cool!?

Goodluck with your craft show. I'll want to see pix!:)

(The verification word is "evivatio". Doesn't that sound like it should BE something?)

Bill Evertson said...

Mr Plato is sure to turn some heads :) Yikes! that looks very labor intensive. Very impressive.

Colette Amelia said...

now what does one say when it is hot?

It is sunning smoke and ashes? Yes forest fires all around the Province! And who the hell wants to cook? Who wants to do anything?

send rain please!

Debrina said...

Are you using a running stitch there my dear? Also - that felted man scares me. He looks way too real under that felt. I suspect he comes alive at night just to go see his furry self in the mirror.

JafaBrit's Art said...

Debrina, I am using couching stitch. If mr.plato comes alive at night I am glad he is at nancy's house ;)

Bill, he is labor intensive for sure.

I think I like that verification word too tera :)

hum colette, I will have to ponder that one. I will try to send some rain your way.

moony soprano said...

He looks terrific! And the expression of the female subject on the unfinished painting to his left made the whole picture more interesting and expressive than it already is with your piece as the focal point. I can just imagine how fantastic he would turn out to be.

Undaunted said...

How do you convert your drawing into stitching so precisely? Do you trace it onto the fabric first?