Thursday, January 15, 2009

Knit Knot Box

Photography by c.bayrak

Actually it is a story box that Nancy and I made for the Storybox Project being sponsored by the Yellow Springs Tale Spinners. We had so much fun putting this together. We decoupaged the yellow springs guide on the inside and I stitched a knitted pocket (a left over from the knit knot tree) inside to hold a cd.

How we made the box is by sewing a black felt casing that was then glued to a heavy cardboard box after we had sewn on patches of knitting and felt. We then made the lid in the same way and used heavy felt for the hinges that we stitched through the cardboard for extra support. Hopefully it will survive the national and international journey.


Paula Manning-Lewis said...

This is great! I love the peace sign on the inside!

Thanks for dropping by the new blog/website too! I really like wordpress, even though there is a learning curve. Hope to get all my blog links up soon.

Your Jafa friend Jan came by our gallery yesterday. The featured artist at our gallery this month is going to be her featured artist next month. I'm still blown away by what a small world it is! :)

Top Bird said...

Wow - this is most impressive! Looks like it was fun to make, too. Clever birdy. xx

Sheree Rensel said...

Would you STOP IT! My goodness! I feel so jealous right now. Every time I come here there is something new you are showing. I feel like I can't keep up!
I am just kidding Jaf. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the stuff you are showing on your blog. It keeps me perky! LOL LOL

Will this sketchbook project ever end? LOL

JafaBrit's Art said...

I hear you about the sketchbook sheree, arg! I keep looking at how many more pages I have to do YIKES!!!! I didn't mean to do this project, somehow I got talked into it lol! I am actually trying really hard NOT to have any obligations other than the one's I already have.

It sure is a small world Paula lol! you know I don't recall seeing a gallery page at the top of your blog. Are you going to have a separate site for that.

It was fun Top Bird, although we had to rush it a bit, so we did it in one week (can you believe that lol). Luckily we had plenty of knitted patches and half done pieces.

Oh Nancy did the peace sign inside the box with felt, her idea and it turned out fabulous.

Janvangogh said...

This is pretty cool. BTW I love that you have opened an art for sale blog. Been thinking about the same thing for awhile.

nolaa gallery said...

oh, I can see it much more clearly than on your camera! VERY sweet! I am so glad I ran into you two today and got to chat, maybe next time I will sit still and not be buzzing around with artwork!
Wasn't Drenko's story of the 49 days and her father amazing?

JafaBrit's Art said...

Jen, I had goosebumps listening to her story, it was amazing. Lovely to bump into you even for a short bit.

Jan, I am pleased that I finally opened one and I will slowly build on it.We'll see where it leads :)

andrea said...


Lana Gramlich said...

Those are very pretty. :)

ApOgEE said...

"Hippies on the knit knot box" ;)