Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Marmite Chronicles

Manipulated Drawing (2HB graphite pencil) by c.bayrak
"Some think marmite is evil!"

So Evil it got banned

Would it be better for parents to put a silly marmite ad into perspective for their child or shield them by attempting to ban anything that is scary? Yes this is old news story on the bbc from 2005 but I was thinking of censorship and was reminded of my fave spread marmite. Don't children see much more scary things on tv-such as war, killings and stabbings in the news or ads for the news. Would it be better to NOT let 2 & 3 year olds watch commercial television in the first place? Some parents said " their children refused to watch television after seeing it" and my first thought was, hum, that might be a good thing.

Marmite, LOVE it!
As for the blob factor, I can think of a few people who deserve to be sucked into it but I'm not sure I would want it contaminated.

"Some Think Marmite is Evil" Embroidery


cynthia said...

Can't say I've ever tasted Marmite, unless it's similar to Vegemite?

The video is pretty hilarious - my daughter was even intrigued.

Parents can often over react - I see it at my daughter's school all the time. We're all trying to be so PC - when there are worse issues in the world.

L.M.Noonan said...

We don't have the ad here, I suppose because it's heresy for a tru blue ozzie to even think about eating it. Vegemite is king here. However...I have been eating Marmite on my toast for a week now because it contains b12. It's a bit sweeter tasting and takes a bit of getting used to

harrybell said...

I wondered what had happened to that ad - I always liked it. Now they're using Paddington Bear - much safer!

JafaBrit's Art said...

Well it is true cynthia about marmite, you either love it or you hate it.
Can't stand all the pc stuff but in a workplace I think people become hostage to it grrrrrrrr!

loretta, you have been eating marmite, blasphemy!!!!!!!!! I tried vegemite and nearly gagged, couldn't stand it. Kind of funny since so many see them as similar, noooooooooo!

oh yes paddington bear harry, much much safer.

sarahelizabeth said...

I've never had marmite! But yes, I hate it when people overreact over trivial matters.

Lana Gramlich said...

I'm not personally familiar with marmite, myself.
Being a bit of a weirdo, I often wish that most (if not all,) mass media outlets (TV, radio, etc.,) were done away with. Particularly in the age of the internet. I went w/o a TV for 9 years--it's amazing how fast one's brain starts working again!

Undaunted said...

Well I hate Marmite, so I think all Marmite adverts should be banned! Even the Paddington Bear ones! I thought he ate Marmalade anyway?

JafaBrit's Art said...

There doesn't seem to be a middle ground undaunted LOL. Yes that's right about paddington Bear, he was a marmalade bear, what a traitor.

I grew up listening to Radio in England Lana and LOVED it, still do. The choices on BBC are fantastic. There is no comparison to American Radio overall. Tv I rarely watch.

Some may consider you not having tasted marmite a blessing sarah lol! As for parents over reacting, argh!!!!