Thursday, December 24, 2009

Subversive Embroidery and the KISS

I am NOT pulling out the stitches on the face again, this is my third attempt and like it or not, it stays. It has been a learning experience though. The first two times I realized the scale of the stitches were too big for the size of the form and they were too uniform. So here it is unstretched, but bascially finished (just need to add my sig)
I am not too crazy on the head of the poppet doll but oh well, so be it. Overall I think it works.

The greenish on the arm was one of those happy accidents. Somehow when I ironed it this is what happened and I liked it. Here is the original sketch I based the embroidery on.

Marmite is the Toast of the Art World

Here is the story about Dermot Flynn's Toasty Art at BBC

About Marmite
Mish Mash Dictionary of Marmite (tar-in-a-jar) by Maggie Hall

Ha ha, my husband feels the same way as this fella

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Anonymous said...

Australians prefer Vegemite!
Add a sprig of holly and have a happy one, Corinne. See you (cyberwise) next year.