Sunday, November 04, 2007


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which is what happens when I start to get that itch to paint (start of a new series) but I'm not quite ready yet. So I am puttering around doing everything and nothing, doodling in my sketchbook, dithering about on my blogs, preparing my studio and supplies, doing found art (decided to join Rosa Murillo's found art Tuesday project), knitted a hot pink scarf in a week. Been years since I knitted and I got to the end of my scarf and I couldn't remember how to cast off-Lol! Thank goodness for the internet and was able to find a great video demo at knitting help-thanks.
This is moi wearing one of my fave scarves, a skull scarf, a present that I much enjoy and wear all through the cold season. Meena is a patient model and wore the pink one for the photo shoot. I must be into pink because I used it on the found art. This is only a peek at the front, will reveal it on Tuesday :)


dinahmow said...

Yes, I know that fart-arsing about feeling! Right now, I should be doing a re-write on a piece that I'd thought of submitting and here I am, dithering with blogs.And I have to come up with a small gift for our Christmas swap. Probably, at 3am, the muse will blow in and I'll be firing on all cylinders. (I hope!)

eek said...

Ooohh! Meena is such an adorable dog!

I need to get agitated...or working...or anything! I've been a slug far too long.

Anonymous said...

You make alot of wonderful things! I couldn't knit if my life depended on it. LOLOLOL As for my favorite painting...well...ok I admit. I'm an odd ball! I don't have a favorite. I do have painters that I like..but not a favorite. I like to choose....anyway, I love your post! *HUGS*

Lynette said...

You are really pretty and that is one neat scarf! It looks great on you too! The gargoyle painting is dark and mysterious and I can see why it's your favorite, I love it! My favorite painting is gone since I sold it and now I wish I had gotten some larger resolution pictures of it! It looked like a glowy looking swamp with drops of light falling out of the trees. I can make prints of it but they're a lot smaller than the original painting. :( I learned my lesson to get high resolution pics of your paintings if you sell them!

paultalbotart said...

I know the feeling about getting twitchy - presently sorting out the order for my next projects, although knowing me, I will just go with the flow and course go from one thing to another!
Just an addition: thanks for the comment on tom phillips - although I didn't get chance to read it, stupidly clicked wrong thing and deleted it before I managed to open it (dumb) -sorry
favourite painting - its always changing, as I finish one it becomes favourite!! If pushed probably 'man and boy' a painting of myself and my son JJ. I sold nearly 2 years ago, its difficult to often sell work, I've now got into giving some work away with the opportunity of swapping it with newer work at some time. Doesn't earn money, but gives untold pleasure

HMBT said...

Great post! I too am twitching around the studio, battling flights of fancy and image overload. My favorite painting? One that I sold many moons agao now...called Secrets. It's on my web site, I never got a good picture of it and I sold it before I finished I never got to spend time with it. I have tried to re-create it several times, but no luck. Just one of those one time things I guess.

Cynthia said...

Can I just say that I love your hair cut! I've been playing around with the idea of getting mine cut - because it just hangs there all the time - I suppose that's what hair does.

Hmmm, your model is indeed very patient - I'm not sure my Zuzu would tolerate a scarf around her neck AND pose for a photo.

As for fave paintings, do you mean my own, or someone elses? I have about 6 paintings I did on site in Maine that I would never part with. I didn't want to move from Maine and they're such better reminders for me than just a photograph.

Casey Klahn said...

Favorite painting?

The one buzzing around in my head, waiting for the easel.

Still Waters Studio said...

Great post! So much going on.
May favorite painting is one that I did in high school, many moons ago, of a woman sitting in a tropical setting. My son's always say it looks like me with gray hair. I tell them that it is prophetic, that I'll live in some tropical place when I am old.
Maybe I'll post it on my blog if I can get a good shot of it.

Still Waters Studio said...

Sorry...My favorite painting.

lori said...

I totally sympathize with the "not quite ready yet" rituals. It's a necessary part of the creative process (or so I tell myself).

My favorite painting right now is one I painted last year called It Only Hurts Sometimes. It was inspired by my nephew who somehow manages to maintain a remarkably optimistic outlook, despite his prickly little world.

Meena looks lovely in that scarf.

Janvangogh said...

I like your mirror. I like your hair. I like your dog. I like your scarf. I like your painting. Geez, what is there not to like? :-)

Jafabrit said...

Oh Jan lol, your comment made me GRIN like a cheshire cat-thanks.
Lori, I think Meena suits the scarf better than me, somehow the bright pink isn't working with my skintone :(
Still waters, I hope you post a pic, it would be fun to see. Well that goes for all of you, you lurkers included :)
Cynthia, I am glad you like my haircut. I always get this notion I want to grow my hair, but I just can't get away with long hair. I always wish I could do the sophisticated Audrey Hepburn hair, but I am one of those women that , well let's just say I resemble my yorkie,very ruffled look. Like, you know, that look that says, "shit I have just been dragged through a bush" look.

Probably going with the flow is the best thing Paul. Often my fave painting is the one I am just about to do, and then it ceases to be my favourite when its finished LOL! So I am with you on that Casey.

thanks lyn. Can you post a pic of it, would love to see it.

Angela, I am sure if a seasoned knitter saw my scarf they would quiver with horror at the state of knitting. BUT oh it sure is WARM and snuggly.

Eek, this is Claire's dog and we are looking after her indefinitely. She is a very very sweet dog, and her fur is just gorgeous. NOW get agitated eek, I want to see new stuff in the gallery.

oh but dinah, dithering is soooooooooo much fun LOL! I must say though that muse is so inconsiderate, hope she/he/it came at a more reasonable time.

ckw said...

my favorite painting is also one i did in high school- hence my blog name" art since 1972"- as that was the year i painted a 5'x3' painting on cut out masonite- it was a stylized kind of giant op art flower type deal entitled "colour my world" it burned in the fire i had at my studio and i too remember walking by it and enjoying looking at it and i miss it- as i do many other pieces i had. ah well-

Jafabrit said...

ckw, did you not have any photos of it? :(

arg That is so horrid.

ckw said...

ya know, i did have pics,but of course they burned also, but my mom had it for awhile in an extra bedroom back on the farm and i am going to see if she still has that picture.. thanks for helping me remember that- i also posted a sketch from a sketch book from after the fire of a drawing i kinda like-as sketches go- and am thinking of "doing" something with it ...what do ya think? thanks again