Monday, August 12, 2013

Chilling Effects on WHO?

Some of my DCMA complaints are now publicly listed on Chilling Effects Clearinghouse  (google removed all but  one of my images from the infringing spammy sites that is listed on CE). However one site seems to continue getting away with some very questionable behaviour.  Basically what this site does is grab your images and when you click on each image source/search it opens other windows to a variety of advertizing sites or porn sites.  I believe they call it Black Hate SEO, oops freudian slip, err I mean Black Hat SEO ;)  Not only did it grab my images it actually attached by blog url address to their url address.

Image of # 9 listed below
Hovering over search it shows a link to Amazon, except it's NOT Amazon every time, wink! wink! nudge! nudge! if you know what I mean! and they also advertize linkbucks.
The first image is an oil on wood from a  blog entry I did in 2010. When you do an image search for it now on google search there's a notice at the bottom of the page stating it has been removed due to copyright and you can read the complaint at Chilling Effects.

 So THANK YOU Chilling Effects for sharing how our images are being exploited by spammy for profit sites that continue to operate freely.
despite google stating Chilling effects redacts your private contact info I saw  my private email address published on their site?????

Some people think public display of dmca notices helps discourage false dmca notices and attempt to silence free speech,  and others have a different view such as VoxieIndie who asks what Chilling Effects Real Agenda is?  This article states Chilling Effects defends free speech.
Then there is this article
The Chilling Effect of Copyright Infringement asks What about the Free Speech of Copyright Owners?

Google Penalizes Your Site but those that Stole your content Will Rank Above You.

 Meanwhile in the News
Stalked for Protecting Copyright
Why BuzzFeed had to pay Dan Catt
Ebay thief selling copyrighted images

Here is a run down of each infringing site listed on CE. Most sites provided no means to contact them and request removal of image so I had to resort to filing a DMCA
sorry but not willing to provide links that will just give them traffic.

So what does it mean being listed on their database? Heck if I know. 

As for the copyright image at the top of the post, the biggest irony is it will probably end up on one of the spammy blog/websites listed above.
Nowt much one can do about them, (although google does keep asking us to report infringements, spam etc) unless one wants to spend the rest of their life playing dmca whack a mole.

Never did like that game.

Oh dear, I read this
When a major company and search engines give you a hard time about removing what are clearly splog, spam websites, and legitimate dmca complaints then there is no hope.

A special thanks to my attorney Emily Danchuk who helped resolve a copyright issue and yes, I got paid. If you need a copyright attorney then I highly recommend her. 
Her contact info is located here.


Anonymous said...


(snivel, snivel, whine, whine...)

PULEEEEEEZ, can it be one of those 'private' blogs where you have to request a 'membership' (basically) and you get a password (or something) to sign in with?

Re: the article on Google bullying; personally, it's going to take me some time to weed through cuz it's a little confusing (for me. A Luddite. :-)
But I will, and if ANYONE has a better (ethical!) search engine to use instead, I'd LOVE to hear about it. Cuz if I can find a decent replacement, I'd use it IN. A. HEARTBEAT.
Buncha b.s.

Thanks n XOXOXOXO Treen

JafaBrit's Art said...

Ahhhh! thanks Treen but it's done.

Jean said...

I am in complete tears and I am asking this can happen. I am crying so hard I cannot write any more.