Monday, October 22, 2007

Exhibit Video

It is just a wee video before the crowds hit at 6pm. Nothing fancy, but me thinks you get the picture (ahem, excuse the pun). Sorry I missed you Howard, darn it I was just so busy being a cleaner and then a chicken saviour after the reception ;) but I hoped you enjoy the little tour of Yellow Springs.

Effigy Dolls: Yea! We have another doll to add to our list: dinahmow, jafabrit, cynthia, bad kitty
Am I missing anybody?


the domestic minx said...

Oh it looks gorgeous!!!

I love it! I only wish I was there so I could then BUY everything!!

You must feel incredibly proud, Jafabrit.
It is brilliant.


Janvangogh said...

Nice nice nice! Did you do the birds and the hearts too?

dinahmow said...

I still like "that bloody kimono" best!

HMBT said...

Great looking show!!! And if you don't like that you can just F*&K off! I love that randy dude!
Congrat's on a wonderful looking show...I really loved that all the paintings were in that tomestone shape...that looks perfect. I wish I could be there in person to take it in. The bombed tree...inspiring. I must get out in LEX to drop off some found's raining though so I am going to wait a bit longer. Love to you! Do you guys only do your found art in the summer months or do you do it year round?

Philip said...

Looks really good - the culmination of a great deal of hard work! Hope you are getting the right find of feedback!

Jafabrit said...

thanks minx, I would say I feel rather chuffed that it all came together.

Jan. The birds hanging down were by another artist but the owner of the gallery thought they would add a great effect. I did all the hearts and added satin ribbons for hanging.

ah that bloody kimono dinah LOL! And you know I had to explain to people that it was all hand stitched. They thought it was painted to look like it and where shocked upon closer inspection.

hmbt, I have heard LEX is a really vibrant busy place, with a lot of cool stuff going on. We do found art when we are in the mood lol! Nancy and I planned to leave some this morning when we went for our weekly walk, but it is raining here too.
hi philip, I would it was very nice to hear at the reception several people from New York say it was as good as a show in New York :) So while there is no sales, there is knowing I have achieved my goal artistically. Now I can't wait to get started on my next series and my head is buzzing already.

Cynthia said...

I could have sworn that I commented yesterday - because I already watched the video! On second thought, I think I got side tracked with some of your links. It looks like a wonderful eclectic opening. I wish I could have gone.

ckw said...

everything looks great- especially love the skeletonman with kimono and fine doo--
nice job--time to relax and reflect and then do some more--

Philip said...

Well I rally hope that you get some sales but even if not, it's a great personal achievement. Original art is a luxury commodity and not many people can afford to buy it or have different priorities so sales is not everything.I'm pleased that it's giving you lots of ideas - that's the main thing!

Jean said...

what minx said!!!

The Lone Beader said...

They should keep the Banksy work... :/

David Howard said...

Your work is a lot smaller than I thought. I assumed that they were at least 4 ft high. I like the figure work, especially the monotone technique with the added surreal bits. The arches are like little windows into the private world of each particular figure. Just looking at your works makes me think you like people and have an interest in their inner personal world.
When you come to my show, make sure you turn left at Hawaii.

Jafabrit said...

I like how you say "the arches are like little windows into the private world of each particular figure." yes I suppose it is. and yes I do enjoy and like people (of all stripes).

I thank goodness that I am not driven by sales Philip or I would have given up painting a long time ago.

LOL cynthia I did the same on your blog and I kept looking at the comments and wondering where the heck was mine.

thanks ckw, jean, lone beader (yes I agree about the banksy). I am so excited because my daughter is coming home for a visit and we will be popping into the gallery :)

Jafabrit said...

Turn left at Hawaii, turn left at Hawaii,will I have time to stop there. Aloha.

Margot Potter said...

My dear




Rock on with your bad self,

paultalbotart said...

Looking good - panels on the wall give depth to the space, wanted the video to last longer and hang on individual pieces as you would if looking around in person, which of course I would like to do but alas living in Uk does prevent this!
good luck with the show

Jafabrit said...

paul, good point. I will try and get over there and do another video and replace this one.

Naj said...

Looks really good! Also like there's a lot of hard work gone into things.

andrea said...

What a great idea -- and it all lookede so fab.