Wednesday, July 11, 2007

yea baby! She's effigy-alistic

What a doll, yeah! shagedelic baby! switched on! smashing! yeah!!!
handmade effigy doll

Okay, if you want to see a REAL doll that I created, then click here.
"You know you've made it when you've been moulded in a miniature plastic. But you know what children do with Barbie Dolls - its a bit scary actually" Cate Blanchett

Tom Forsythe isn't a child, but he did a few scary things to Barbie, which got him into trouble with the toymaker, oops. All was not lost though, Boing Boing tells all.

Bad Joke
There is a new Barbie doll on the market -
Picasso Barbie …everything’s in the wrong place

Check out Bad Kitty's Art Doll, it's wild
Another totally cool doll here at Cynthia's blog


inspired said...

why eye man it's kool :o]

jafabrit said...

Whyeye man, wor lass is a dead canny geordie lass, not so young but still full of mischief. thanks for dropping in inspired.

Cynthia said...

Your doll is quite glam, Jafabrit - in a Tim Burton sort of way!

I enjoyed looking at Tom Forsythe's website too - what a riot.

I'm not telling what my barbies did when I was growing up ;D

HMBT said...

O.M.G!!!!!!! Ok now I feel like I need to totally do a new doll...because this one rocks so freaking A hard. I love the eyes, nose and legs the best...the feet kill me, the way the legs come off the body...crap I just love it.
So is that your kid? Wow...she's really pretty, but I like what she said about herself best of all.
Rock on Jafa...Rock on. Thanks for the link too. :)

The Lone Beader said...

I'm luvin this!!! ;)

jafabrit said...

hee! hee! glam with a touch of whimsy, and a little naughty. I used real hair everywhere ;) Glad you are liking my doll. I think she will go in my october show as she really is the naked dickie bird :)

oh, yes that's wor kid. She's a doll huh! and a real sweetheart.

dinahmow said...

Woh! I'd better get my act together! Your doll's a hoot and your daughter...well, put her in the show and she'll win!
Congrats on all fronts.

L.M.Noonan said...

I was going to ask who is the beautiful young woman until i read yonder comments. She surely is a successful mix of gene pools. As for your doll...she's very 'cabaret', provocative and a touch spooky with her luxuriant human hair.

Camplin said...

Your doll reminds me of a show I saw on Surrealism influenced by the dolls and maniacs. Artists like Giorgio De Chirico, Max Ernst, and Hans Bellmer were in the show. Bellmer's work would show dismember dolls then reconstruction of the dolls. A work, for example, would have four legs, no arms or head and one belly. These artists seemed to say that the doll was a dream imagery that represented mortality, because the doll is a lifeless representation of a person.

Sam said...


The doll is groovy, cynthia is right it does have an element of the king of kooky about it.

My buddy who I grew up with made the eyes for Burton's corpse bride... 63 pairs! He was gutted though because only the company was listed in the credits not individuals...

Anyway, love the doll, take care,


Philip said...

Could you give me hair like that??!!

jafabrit said...

dark, tim burtonish, kooky, spooky, surreal, cabaret, glam, and err this doll is me LOL! I LIKE IT! Now if I could just LOOK it a wee bit more, that would be COOL!

And no Philip you can't have some of my hair, I've snipped enough off my own head LOL! Besides I think you look very nice as you are, don't you know bald is sexy.

I haven't seen the corpse bride sam but I think that must have been so cool for your friend to work on the project.

"These artists seemed to say that the doll was a dream imagery that represented mortality, because the doll is a lifeless representation of a person."

thanks for adding your comments camplin, and something I agree with. It's funny I was never really into dolls growing up. When I did play with them a couple times I used them as vehicles for my negative feelings rather than used them as role models or for nurturing play.

thanks noonan. I am going to miss her like hell when she moves to florida next month :(

thanks dinah, I think I should put her in the show, live art created by bayraktaroglu (oh okay with a little help-joint effort) hee!hee!

Anonymous said...

What a great job you did on the doll! Wonderful post! :) Thanks for sharing it with us! YOU GOOO GIRL!:) *HUGS*

Margot Potter said...

Hey Baby

I gave you an award.

Oh yeah!

Go see!


Jennifer Dangerfield said...

Congratulations!! I've just paid a visit to Miss Margot & seen the news!

Lady Schmooze, I salute you!!

Dr.John said...

I'm glad the poor dear finally got its other leg. It looks great now.

Naj said...

Great work, love the doll! (Also reminded me of the animated dolls in the Comfort ads?!)

the domestic minx said...

Oh Baby,
That doll is making me horny.
It's shagadelic baby. YEAH!!

It really is.
I want her.


jafabrit said...

LOL Minx, you can't MY doll lol! But if I ever get around to making custom dolls I will let you know.

Naj, I had a peek at the comfort dolls, hee hee! I can see why you are reminded of them.

thanks for dropping in jennifer :)

Yes, dr. john, she got her leg. She nearly didn't. I lost it in the local cafe and I was freaking out.

Maria & Stefano said...

Great job and GREAT SMILE!!!
Love th energy!!!


Jennifer Dangerfield said...

You've got two schmooze awards now - you strike me as the kind of girl who can handle these things.

Here's the snippet from my blog, 'the art of curiosity'

'Jafabrit's Art: Prams in trees, dolls which are not dolly, skunks, the theme from Austin Powers & a looooooooooong list of contacts. I like!!'

Please will you accept this award from me too?

Lynette said...

Your doll is shagadelic baby, too coool!!! I thought the goth model was your daughter J.B. and WOW she is very very beautiful!!

sue beyer said...

geez a picasso doll would be pretty bad. what about an Albert Tucker doll!!! even worse!!

jafabrit said...

sue, I agree me thinks a tucker doll would be worse lol!

well, thanks jennifer, that is really cool and I gladly accept lol!

ah thanks lyn :)

thanks maria, mass energy supplied by mass quantities of tea and a stubborn attitude lol!

Janvangogh said...

Love it! Sounds like the doll may have moved you on.

Susie Q said...

Very Tim Burtonish but oh so cool.

Love all the dolls pictured here. That first one is quite lovely I think.

Bill blew up Barbies when he was a kid...blew up his GI Joes too. No wonder he joined the military. : )

Can not wait until October!