Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Unpacking and Setting up an Art Studio

It seems each place requires a different set up, different storage, different furniture before one can even open all the boxes. 
IKEA to the rescue and I got a new table and
studio skeleton
a new very comfortable chair and it didn't break the bank. I am itching to get all my supplies out and start working on some ideas.
Meanwhile Rooster made the cut, why I have no idea since he is falling apart and scraggy.
Some things I opened and I have to ask myself why the heck did I bring THAT. 

How To Set Up an Art Studio
I like the video because of his accent ;)
and I like his still life box. Reminds me to keep one of my moving boxes to make one. 

The biggest requirement is LIGHTING. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

AMEN on the lighting requirement!

The biggest annoyance, post 60, is feeling like soon I'm going to need friggin KLEIG lights to see!
Bet you have some WONDERFUL natural light to work in down there...

Hope you're loving life and having a ball!

xoxoxo T