Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Credit Where Credit Is Due for #metoo and The Women's Tree in Yellow Springs, Ohio

A shout out to Tarana Burke for starting the #metoo movement, and incredulously omitted from the Time Magazine Cover applauding The Silence Breakers.

An activist, a little girl and the heartbreaking origin of 'Me too'

Ever since the allegations against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein surfaced, those two simple words have become a rallying cry. Women -- and some men -- have used them to share personal stories of sexual harassment and assault.
As we see repeatedly in the news around the world and in the USA, sexual abuse, harassment and rape continues and crosses all boundaries, classes, cultures, politics and is an ongoing problem. Just because a few high profile men have been called out, lost elections, resigned or been fired doesn't mean it's stopped. It's an ongoing problem.

 The reason behind the The Viva La Vulve Tree installed in Yellow Springs on the night of the inauguration is sadly still relevant. To see such a lewd suggestive tweet against a senator is sadly not unexpected given what we knew before he was elected
With that said felt ornaments seem to be popping up on other trees with #metoo on the back of them.
Perhaps they will elicit again misdirected rage, or ideally promote some healthy discussion in the community where women have been fighting for several years to be heard in regards to several predators. Like I said in the interview “ was, and IS, about women coming together and women power, and not wanting to be silenced.” 

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