Thursday, November 16, 2017

In the Pink and This and That and Tother

  Being "in the pink"  means in good health and spirits and I certainly felt that on my daily walk and came across this scattering of the most glorious fall leaves. 

My work at the Wind's Cafe came down and I was so happy to see a few pieces found good homes with some dear friends thank you.

Despite not having my studio at the moment I am still very busy and just finished helping set up the Holiday Art Jumble at the Yellow Springs Arts Council for the past couple of days. Always fun to open boxes and see what goodies people have donated. 

If people wish to waste time sending spam that goes straight into the spam filter box and get's deleted have at it I suppose. If you want to waste your time with sarky comments and unsolicited advice so be it but be aware the comments  generally go unread and go directly into the spam filter and get's deleted, so have at it I suppose.

As they say in the south
Bless Your Heart

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