Thursday, August 11, 2016

Telling a Compelling Story with a Camera and Spontanaeity

Instead of complaining when his 93-year-old mom moved in, he got his camera.

The photos he took are haunting, playful, and breathtaking.

I just think this is so beautiful and amazing, and what a way to share this precious time with his mum.
You can keep up with him on his fb page.

How to tell a story with a camera is easier said than done and I find myself sometimes asking more and more why I need to  share an image. Sometimes I don't know if that is a good thing as per the advice on photofocusI am not knocking the advice, it's great for professionals who are trying to earn a living with their photography or for an assignment but do we need to worry too much each click of the camera.
"What is it about THIS photograph that is important"
 Sometimes images take on a new importance a day, a week or even years later. Perhaps the important part is being engaged with where you are and the process of photographing.  
Why do people need to see it?  
 I am not sure this is a good idea. Maybe a good question AFTER you've taken the photo. That's kind of like trying to paint what you think people want to see, but it destroys your original voice trying to cater to what people "might" like to see.
Why do you need to make it?.  
The reasons are varied and I usually know beforehand why I am photographing, so I don't struggle with that question for each image before I take it. If I spent time doing that I wouldn't get some of the shots I do, especially some of the street shots. 
Never underestimate spontaneity.

Fore example here is one of my fave photos taken as I walked past a vendor at a Night Market in Kaohsiung, Taiwan 2014.
travel pics of Taiwan

 Olympus Stylus 1 
I had no time to process why I needed to take it, or if people would be interested in seeing it. It captured the mood of the evening and brings back wonderful memories of my visit to Taiwan. 

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Anonymous said...

Stunning photo of the market, CB.
You have a great eye.

And thanks for sharing the FB page. Very sweet and precious.
You just always feel blessed that they're somehow still here with us...

xoxo T