Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday Sundry in the Creative Mind of an Artist

It just never stops, that need to create even when it comes to the Sunday morning dishes and the irresistible sun shadows reflecting through the glass onto the kitchen counter.prisma app
various items not important enough to be mentioned individually

Putting aside a lazy start to the day, I am back to sewing blue felt butterflies for the DML residency, and have taken a few photos of two artists for a Dayton City Paper article, and will get back to working on my wee BIG BOY painting. Meanwhile as I sew blue butterflies my mind is buzzing with ideas for a future project. 
Gotta clean up the kitchen
help mr. b make sushi for lunch
cheers all and thanks for dropping by

I forgot to mention my POWA! blog I run with jafapal Nancy Mellon was featured in the Dayton City Paper 


As if dealing with sexism in the arts isn't enough, older women face another ism that gets little attention, ageism. Older women artists continue to be overlooked, ignored or presumed past their prime or ability.

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