Thursday, June 02, 2016

Studio Notes in the Den of Jafabrit

I would share them but HAH I can't find them, my studio is a mess as per usual. My studio is like that movie Groundhog Day and it doesn't matter how much I clean it the next day it resets to chaos. However unlike my clothes closet you don't need to use a gps to find anything. I managed to find some space
in between painting RAD stones to start work on a painting of a doll. Not sure where it's
doll painting
going or whether it's finished or not but I am reassured by this article that maybe I don't need to worry about it.

You Gonna Finish That? What We Can Learn From Artworks In Progress

Nearly 200 great works of unfinished art are now on display at The Met Breuer Museum in Manhattan. Spanning six centuries, the works offer a glimpse into the creative process - from Titian to Warhol.


Anonymous said...

You are just unSTOPPABLE!!! (So proud)

So I'm a little late to the table on these comments, but wanted to thank you for the heads-up on:
'The Old Bags Project' (WWHHAAA? :-D LOVE IT!)
So great and so refreshing. Personally, I'm a big fan of wearing whatever suits your need and mood on any particular day, and anyone who doesn't 'get' how are bodies look/are as we age either just isn't there yet or is 'a nob,' as they (apparently) say in England.

Also, again a 'WWHHAA???': EPOXY PUTTY?!?!?!
AWESOME! And how did I miss that one?
Still not sure if my poor old eyeballs will let me bead, but this is looks like a GREAT (and doable) way to guerilla mosaic some schtuff. ;-)
I adore your 'snake.' Very...(Mayan? Incan?)

Just love your spirit and your go-girl attitude...hope all is going well health-wise...fingers crossed, breath held and (don't yell at me) prayers winging your way...

xoxoxo T

jafabrit b said...

oh T, thanks so much for stopping by and your dear comment ♥ I am doing well although radiation fatigue and ouchies are creeping up on me, but that is all temporary.