Friday, March 04, 2016

Lumpectomy: Beam Me Up I want OUTTA here

I was already pretty bruised up from the biopsy, so what's a bit more bruising eh! I don't know how other places prep their patients for a lumpectomy BUT at the Breast Center I was scanned, squished, prodded, numbed, plugged and wired. Nurse said I didn't need to look down, and I was like HELL I'm an artist I HAVE to look. EEEEEEEk!
I had a big old wire sticking out of me tata.
I felt like I should twist my nipple and change the channel or scream "BEAM ME UP, I want outta here". I got outta there, but not to hawaii, nope, went straight into surgery.

If you want to know why the wire, it's a guide wire for the surgeon  so can go straight to shitlump and rip that bastard sucker out of there.

I have never really regarded my art as therapy, but more of a daily expression and creative need. HOWEVER, throughout this health crisis art has been very therapeutic. 

Creative Arts Beneficial to Cancer Patients

Researchers from the National Institutes of Health and colleagues analyzed more than 2 dozen studies of creative arts therapies to see the effect of these therapies on cancer patients.


Beanie Mouse said...

Holy crapola........ hope the little sucker's well and truly ejected..... get better, you!!

daisyfae said...

perfectly captures that moment.... I had a wire-guided procedure as well, and between that and the radioactive dye they put in me to do the sentinel node biopsy, BOTH Of these things caused more discomfort than the actual surgery/healing from the lumpectomy.

here's hoping the therapy helps as you move through what lies ahead.

if you're doing radiation, you'll have lots of time lying flat on a slab, trying to remain motionless, to think... and there's some beauty in the clean stainless steel and polish of the room-sized equipment used to cook your titmeat...

jafabrit b said...

thanks Beanie, shitlump is I hope destroyed and in a chemical dump somewhere.

Will find out if I am doing radiation next week. I shall remember your words and laugh at the term titmeat, thanks daisyfae.