Monday, February 22, 2016

Cancer and DeadPool

I SO got this statement by Sarah Beth Lowe in her article on Salon  "We see Wade pack up his bags and take one last loving look at his girl Vanessa, and he says, “The worst part about cancer isn’t what it does to you, but what it does to everyone else in your life.” My shoulders stiffen, and I cast a glance at my friends, who don’t notice."

My husband did notice and asked if I wanted to leave the movie theatre  but I kept thinking I had to just face it.
The violence was well, ARG! but the rest, it was just brilliant and had me in stitches.
Only thing I would say differently from the  Salon Article is I don't reject the term survivor at all, I will WELCOME the label.

The Star Ryan Reynolds is urging women to check for breast cancer. I didn't find a lump. In fact I would never have known had I not gone for a 3D mammogram

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Anonymous said...

Well, SH*T, CB!!!

Of course, concern and anxiety but also hoping that it's one of those slow going, non-invasive types like ductal...

BEST WISHES and BEST LUCK to you in this (unwanted) journey.
You're in all of our hearts and prayers, for what it's worth (sounds so trite but it's TRUE...cuz you're such an inspiration!)

xoxoxo T