Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Santa Fe National Forest and In the Studio

fall in New Mexico
10,000 feet and we came around the bend of the road and was greeted with this golden vista that took our breath away. We just stood and stared at the sun kissed aspens for 30 minutes in absolute silence.
Santa Fe - Home
Not a sound except the rustle of leaves.
Pure Magic.


I am guessing the colours of New Mexico are influencing my art for it seems I'm attracted to  yellow,orange and blue felt.
abstract felt art
felt, wood, wire, harry lauder branches, yarn


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Lisa Graham Art said...

I visited New Mexico for the first time over a year ago and you captured the colors in your art just perfectly!

Those aspens!!! Where is that beautiful sight? It reminds me of Wyoming.

jafabrit b said...

thanks Lisa :) the view is at 10,000 feet in Santa Fe National Forest.