Sunday, October 25, 2015

Scottsdale Arizona and Why Photography Matters

southwest cactus sculpture
Scottsdale Arizona April 2014

 I really liked the list in the link above but he missed a couple of things in the list, at least for me. The first is that the  process itself makes me an active observer. 
black and white photography shadows
The second is that sometimes when I go back through my image files I rediscover something and relive my adventure in Arizona all over again.  I'm not sure I agree with Number 4. What makes a person an artist goes way beyond clicking a button on a camera and taking a picture. I do like Number 5 in regards to depression. Photography was my lifesaver when I was fighting a deeply painful period in my life. Photography made me get out of the studio to explore and rediscover the joy of living and this amazing world.

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