Thursday, May 01, 2014

Myths about Making It in the Artworld and scams

Great Article on ARTFCITY about the Art World and the myth of making it with a great video about Fritz.
Not Just Luck: New Art World Documentary Dispels "Making It" Myths

I came to the art world late in the game, and with no illusions. I think that has been a good thing for several reasons but also because it has spared me from the scams. 
They prey on ego, naivety, desperate need to "make it", or excitement of making a sale.
I get many emails about purchasing my art, inviting me to galleries or major art fairs and all of them are scams. Some of the art fair, gallery scams are very very slick. Almost all involve spending a LOT of your money for the privilege they offer ;)

I was invited to one in Florence just a few days ago. It is one of those vanity art fairs that you pay for everything with no curating or criteria for acceptance, except your willingness to cough up several thousand dollars. .Not sure what they think I would send, a knitted poo perhaps? 
 Joanna Mattera did a blog post questioning whether it's a scam or not. Will leave it up to you to decide. 


Beanie Mouse said...

I think there's a gallery in NYC that does similar. Sends invites by email to show in their gallery for a "small" fee (can't remember if its hundreds or thousands!) but then you have to pay out extra for shipping, publicity, etc etc etc AND they take a fee off the sales too.
Good money (for them!) if they can get it!!
Which is why I gave up on galleries anywhere several decades ago!!!

JafaBrit's Art said...

I bet I know which one you are talking about :) They ask about $3000 dollars to have a show there.

Unless I am invited for a specific work I don't bother. The times I have been asked didn't involve me paying for anything other than shipping my work.