Monday, May 05, 2014

COVR, Inspirational Mobile Photography and Fear of Grey Hair

I am constantly inspired by the most amazing creative people and I found out about Amy by way of an email newsletter update from COVR (a little bit more about that later in the post)linking to the below article by Joanne Carter. I find the her images haunting and powerful.
Mobile Photography Interview - A Day In The Life of Amy Leibrand - ...
you can read Joanne's Review of the COVR iphone case with camera lens here.
I am a backer and really hope to see this project come to fruition. Check it out, very cool and you still have a chance to be a backer.

Meanwhile in Jafabrit's Lair 
it's all about 
texture of grey hair

Using selfies to come to terms with aging and watching my hair turn grey. I could dye it I suppose, but I am enjoying the textures. I did a search about grey hair and found this odd article "why do we fear women with grey hair?"  How anybody could call Yasimina Rossi a bag lady is beyond me. 

Yep, nowt as frightening as a woman not worrying about what others think and doing her own thing ;)  

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