Monday, April 07, 2014

WaHOO Yahoos! Fantastic Damien Hirst Spin Art

Spin paintings - Damien Hirst
Yep, me again with the Damien Hirst Saga. You know that British artist who earns billions (not me unfortunately), has a factory of workers who implement his vision in paint, and a team of lawyers to protect his work. 
Spin Painting White Blossom
by Damien Hirst
So here it is AGAIN on the same site AGAIN 
 being sold on Amazon AGAIN
This will be the third time I've had to ask Amazon to remove my image. I doubt they will tell me how many have sold and I shan't see a penny of it. So while Damien earns billions with his art I earn ZIP, even when my work is being promoted as his. Oh the irony!

Love this Amazon review by Sean
May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your balls. It will probably take that many camels because you have big balls stealing an artists work and trying to sell it online. 

So all you fans of Hirst
 You can get a print of this Hirst for a LOT LOT LOT less and earn good karma for supporting the real artist. 

UPDATE 4/14/2014
Amazon UK sent an email  4/10/2014 stating they respect copyright and had removed it. NOPE, still up for sale  and the seller even increased the price from £64 to £118.00

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