Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Art of Poo

and I am not talking about the one in the can or the daily dealings of S*?t we have to put up with, nope I am talking about knitted poo.First though check out this video my friend sent.  
She shared it because I used to run an art gallery in a local restroom, with my friend nancy,called the Chamberpot Gallery.
extreme knitting, unique invitations

Oh, anyway, getting back to the Art of Poo.
Someone found this image online 
googly eyes and gold crown on knitted poo
and because I had my WATERMARK url on the image, she was able to contact me and ask permission to use it in a book. As I said to the author of the book, "nowt like being famous for your s*&t".

and now I POOP you not a real poo exhibit

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