Friday, April 11, 2014

Nature Morte

In the studio Nature Morte

So I joined the Instagram crowd and I had this inner dialogue Monday with the muses babbling away about the millions of photos  on there.  Can I make my images interesting?  Can I make the ordinary extraordinary? Artists paint a simple banana or take a photograph and make it so interesting. Can I do the same?  I don't know if I succeeded, but I gave it a good try. 

I have always adored the Dutch Masters and was inspired by the amazing photography of Guido Mocafico showcased on Model's Own. I know, you would think I could have ironed the lace, right?  It was intentional, something about the crumpled look with a torn bit showing worked for me. 

Anyway BACK to Bananas
I thought this story was cute and I am sure his daughter enjoys all the banana art.

Top Banana Keisuke Yamada And His Incredible Banana Art

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