Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My watermarked image is being used by a seller on Amazon

well the saga continues
after a dmca notice to Amazon
after it was supposed to be removed
after asking Amazon UK why it wasn't removed 
after the company increased the price
then I find this
YEP, the company is using my OWN watermarked image on their listing.   
Their explanation in regards to the original listing is that they found it
on facebook.
oh and they never sold any of the art, they say ;) Really that is beside the point, but it does beg the question why they even keep putting it up for sale on Amazon and their websites around the world.
 The spin art that keeps spinning and making ya'll dizzy.
Wheeeeeeeeeeeee, let me off this ride!

Just a wee note
the fair use disclaimer on the company website doesn't legally cut it

on a commercial website selling copies of current artists work. 

thank you Amazon UK
listing is now removed

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Jean said...

THAT SUCKS. thanks for a good update! xox jean